Readable script entity ID (Script editor)

The new script editor is pretty good, however, there is the issue that it only gives random script entity IDs. This makes it very difficult to call a script that does not have a simple and readable entity id. It would be a lot easier if the script ID can be set in the editor.


Makes it impossible (unless I don’t know how) to call a script created in the script editor, for example, from another script. At least not without looking into scripts.yaml and noting the chosen id.

For example, I made a script called siren_test in the “name” field of the editor. But to call it from somewhere I need to do:

{ “entity_id”: “script.1507992792767” } and not { “entity_id”: “script.siren_test” } which makes things ugly.

Is this still valid? Just been moving my files to the editors but this really makes the script editor really hard to use with UIDs and no friendly names.

Still happening on 0.87.1

This seems like a good feature request. Very hard to implement entities created by the script editor in latest version (0.106.2)

Take this for example:

Entity is visible in search

Entity name not derivable from states/entities

Script correctly created, but no way to set id and it is not derived from the name

Unfortunately, still unchanged :frowning:

Just ran into this - in order to use launch script in automation editor I had to go edit ID in scripts.yaml.

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I ran into this today as well. A good alternative to editing the scripts.yaml file is to enter ‘Configuration’ -> ‘Entities’ and find your script there and then remember the last characters of the id.

I think that you should be able to name your own script to a valid name but this is good enough atm.