Really stupid question

I have been reading about Home Assistant, and Raspberry Pi, for two months now. Today I tried to install the latest onto my Raspberry Pi 3B+. It appears that it loaded fine. I was prompted on the command line for a user name and password. Did that fine, but now I am at a command line. I then took the sd card out and put in my standard Pi one. I couldn’t connect to IP:8123.

My stupid question: How do I start Homeassistant now that is appears to be loaded? What am I missing? Am I supposed to do something at the command line first? If I start it will it then go to the GUI?

Help please


Leave the SD-Card with in the pi! Then on another device, connect to http//ip-address:8123 in a browser.

Why are you playing with a command line??

HA is normally managed by another 'puter using a web browser to talk to it at http://your-ha-running-pi-ip-address:8123.
Web browser.
Pi’s IP address
Port 8123.

Most people will set up Samba on the PI so they can play with the configuration files and stuff from elsewhere also.

Bottom line is: you access your PI running HA remotely. The HA/PI is designed to be run headless.

I’m really confused by this one.

You took the sdcard that was running the operating system that runs home assistant, put in a Raspbian sdcard and I guess expected a completely different OS to be added in to Raspbian and for home assistant to be available on Raspbian in that fashion?

Am I reading this correctly?

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Same thoughts here. How can you run something and then put it in a RPi.

I would suggest to image the SD card with an image specifically designed for RPi. You can find these images on home-assistant website. ( )

Then when you’ve downloaded it, use balenaEtcher ( ) to flash it to SD then insert it into your RPi

Boot up your RPi

Wait a few minutes (first time can take approx 20 min) and try accessing: http://hassio.local:8123

This way you dont need to know the IP adres from your RPi. But for this to work, you need a router that supports mDNS. But most routers do anyway :slight_smile:

Then you should see a website from home assistant prompting you to create credentials. Follow the steps, et voila…

All you do is flash the card with hassio, stick it in your pi, wait 20 mins then go to http://ipaddressofpi:8123 and a web page comes up asking you to set up a user etc… That’s it. You don’t need the command line at all.

Thanks everyone! <insert picture of Homer Simpson saying "D’Oh! here>

I got it running exactly as suggested. I guess I was overthinking it, but now, thanks to you all, it works great.