Rebooted HA, z-wave not starting

I installed 2 new z-wave devices, one devices was not completely initialized.I rebooted the rasberrypi with HA on it and now Z-wave won’t start.

OZW_Log.txt is only one line, starting up. the HA website never loads.

I tired shutting down and rebooting with my z-wave USB stick unplugged. HA still won’t load, errors about the missing usb stick

I enabled the z-wave thru the web interface so I ca’t disable it in the configuration.yaml to see if that will get it started again.

This install was setup at least 1 year ago and has been working fine, I’m not sure what version as I had not really been using it till I started setting up z-wave a few weeks ago. Should I try updating to see if its a fixed bug?

Can’t seem to figure out where to go from here?