Receiver Marantz NR1200 takes a long time (1,5 minute) after powering it on before it becomes available in Home Assisant

I’m creating some automation for my TV and receiver.

On both devices there is a smart plug that meassures the power and could power on/off the TV and receiver.

My tv uses 0 watt when it is power off with the remote (so the smart plug is still on)
My Marant NR1200 takes some standby watt when it is power off with the remote.

So because I have those smartplugs I wanted to create an automation that monitors the power usage of the TV.

So when the TV takes >= …Watt, I switch the smart plug of the receiver to on.
When the TV takes <= …Watt for some seconds, I switch the smart plug of the receiver to off.
This all works perfect.

The problem is that it takes 1,5 minute before the Marantz (Denon) integration is available. And after I switch the power plug on of the receiver I have also power on the Marantz mediaplayer via Home Assistant service. And the problem is that it takes so much time so that I have to retry every x seconds to check if the Marantz is available and I can power it on. So the tv sound will come 1,5 minute from the speakers of the tv and after that finally from the receiver.

Does anybody also have such a device and an automation and knows how to improve this? Why does it need such long time before it is available in Home Assistant?