Recommendation for ceiling light

I’m looking for a ceiling light that will integrate into HA, I’m looking for one that specifically has RGB ambient lighting. I’ve looked at OFFDARKS but it’s a risk because they either have ESP or MediaTek unknown. any suggestions? (110v)

depend on your budget and planning. Do you want to flash with tasmota or esphome?
Price tag? I suppose for the best deal TUYA light is something you can get but the bad part is no local at this time (cloud only)

Unsure about Shelly.

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My budget is around ~100usd. I don’t mind flashing at all, all my switches currently has tasmota. Can I use local-tuya for ceiling lights, or is it unsupported atm?

local tuya is possible if you already know how to do it. But it is really painfull process. The reason that I used tuya bulb because Indonesia have tons of brands. The rest is just non existances.

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