Recommendation on proximity/presence sensor to light up a display?


quite a while ago, I bought some small and cheap " OLED Display Modul 128X64 I2C SSD1306" on AliExpress. Now, I would like to build a temperature and humidity sensor and show the values on the display - if there is someone there.

I know the gesture and ultra sonic sensors, but those seem to be an overkill. Even the motion sensors are to big.

The sensor needs to be low in energy consumption (and cheap). I was thinking about something, that just captures a change in light. If I pass a hand over it (-> shadow), it should trigger the display to light up for a minute or so.


  • D1mini
  • DHT11
  • OLED Display Modul 128X64 I2C SSD1306
  • proximity or presence sensor


  • preferably ESPhome
  • or Tasmota

looking forward to your insights,