Recommendation - Outdoor IP Camera PT(Z) - non-Cloud / non-Abo

Hello @All,

maybe shortly before I start my actual question, I’m not yet an HA user. Doing some research online brought up HA several times, so I thought why not ask directly the HA community about what I need.

I want to install an outdoor IP camera for my small backyard, 5 x 8 meters (16 x 26 foot). I thought a bit about my needs and came up with this list:

  • a PT(Z); to avoid needing more than one camera
  • powered via cable
  • IR LEDs for night imagery
  • a Motion Sensor, if available also with auto-tracking
  • good image quality (real HD1080 would be good enough)

And I think my biggest requirement and the reason why I always stumbled across “Home Assistant” - I don’t want to be stuck with some chinese cloud solution or with some subscription model.

I’ve read about terms like RTSP and ONVIF, and when I’m not mistaken RTSP is not going to cut it because I need more than just being able to capture some image stream. So I think I’ll need to focus on finding a camera that fulfills my requirements and provides ONVIF support?

But is ONVIF really all I need to look out for? Let us assume I do use HA in the end. What can I do with it after integration of the camera? The following things about software requirements come to mind:

  • Can I watch live images?
  • Can I review old images?
  • Can I delete content of the local SD card?
  • Can I perhaps even capture directly to a network drive instead of a local SD card?
  • Without “Cloud” - can I get notifications / alarms if movement is detected - via email or also via app?

I’m not a total noob when it comes to the technical aspects. I already have in place a 24/7 Ubuntu server in my private home network. It runs several docker containers and expose some of these services also to the Internet via HTTPS behind Basic HTTP Auth. The most serious home automation project I’ve done so far is a watering system for the backyard, based on a ESP8266 communicating via HTTP and WebSocket with a self-programmed NodeJS application + Frontend running on the server.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Best regards