Recommendations for a Local Control Window AC Unit

Does anybody have any recommendation for a window AC unit that supports local control either through its own integration or a peripheral? (US-based)

Instead of trying to find an integrated A/C, why not get the A/C you like that has a remote control and using something like an RMMINI to send IR commands to it? The list of “smart” window A/C units will be far shorter than those with simply a remote.

That’s sort of what I was thinking what the case would be in regards to using a peripheral to control it, either via IR, Bluetooth, or something like that.

Would you have a recommendation of a half decent brand to start a more pointed search with?

I don’t know anything about smart A/C’s, but I would be surprised if nearly every one doesn’t have a remote that you could learn with an IR repeater like an RMMINI.