Recommendations for cheap zwave temp sensor?

I have a Aqara zigbee temp sensor in garage. I would like to put another zwave one in there in case zigbee goes down. My experience is Zigbee is less reliable than Zwave.

So I’d like to add a zwave temp sensor in there as well for backup. But man, they are hard to find or come has part of a motion sensor and costs $50+. Any recommendations for a cheaper one?

I have Fibaro door/window sensor on my carage, i added DS18B20 temperature sensor in to it :slight_smile:

EDIT: i propably pasted newer version link, since it says it has temp sensor built-in :slight_smile: Which is not good imo, since temp sensor would be pretty near door, and might not give a temp you want to measure. My sensor has 2m wire so i can set it away from the door.

This is the one i have :