Recommendations for sensors

Hi, I am building a new home (in Bulgaria, EU) and need to integrate several sensors. I already added wiring for some of them (open/close door) and presence (corners of the ceiling). I need to add these types, but I have no idea which brands to choose (there are so many!). The most important ones that I need are:

  • Open Door / Window (I need several of those, wired if possible)
  • Presence in a room (wired if possible)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Secondary importance (because I don’t know if there are good ones for this, maybe you can guide me?)

  • CO2
  • chemicals (VOCs)
  • particulate matter (PM2. 5)

Do you have recommendations for all these that I can buy in Europe? My primary goal is to have something reliable and not overly expensive. Thank you!