Recommended cable protocol for small scale


I’m totally new to HA and tinkering in general.

I’ve ordered my first components for my upcoming Zigbee network:

  • CC2531 ZigBee USB Stick
  • Aqara Smart Zigbee Ambient Sensor

I’ll use an old Intel NUC to run HA with zigbee2mqtt.

But for some parts of my home project a simple 10-50cm control cable would do.

For instance, I want to close a contact on a battery powered remote control for the garage door (sounds simpler to me).

Zigbee protocol sounds like an overkill for this so I’m looking for a basic wire protocol that works with HA.

1, What protocol do you recommend for this?
2. A specific gateway dongle to connect via USB or so in the NUC
3. Specific components that can close a simple contact (I’ll solder it on the remote control buttons)
4. Is this overall a right approach?


To answer my own question:

I’ve implemented this with an Arduino connected on USB. I’ve used a transistor with a resistor as a relay.

Wire protocols that an Arduino/microcontrollers could “speak” and are commonly implemented in slave devices as well: I2C, SPI, UART, 1-wire.