Recommended door sensors


Been reading a lot of posts on here. I’m looking to get door sensors for my smart home. Currently only have zwave and WiFi devices. I don’t mind going zigbee or something else. I also don’t mind getting a a gateway if needed.

Just hard to put all the posts together. I am confused if I get the Xiaomi Aqara if I need the zigbee dongle as well as the gateway. Or if i get a 433MHz device what is all needed.

Leaning towards one of those two as the door sensors are inexpensive. Thinking of getting at least 8 door sensors.



you could get a cc2531 based zigbee dongle to plug into your raspberry pi or a server of choice, and use zigbee2mqtt software as a kind of a driver that translates between the dongle/zigbee network, and mqtt, which home assistant and a bunch of things know how to integrate with. In that case, you don’t need a hub and everything works “directly” without even involving the local lan network, at super low latency and you can access and customize every single teeny tiny feature of whatever device you’re using. You don’t need xiaomi/aqara software or account or app.

Alternatively, if you use a gateway, then you don’t need zigbee2mqtt to perform a “zigbee coordinator” role, the hub/getway does that. Your phone app and devices work in xiaomi ecosystem now, and your home assistant software would talk to the hub over the local network.


Wyze door sensors are the best value and least amount of work IMO.

You simply plug the tiny hub dongle thing into your device running Home Assistant, install the Home Assistant - WYZE Sense Component, pair them. They will show up as binary sensors (on = open, off = closed) which you can easily automate.

Since you mentioned wanting at least 8 sensors, your total cost would come out to around $60 for 10 door sensors:

  • Starter Kit ($20) - this comes with the hub you’ll need, two door sensors, and one motion sensor
  • Contact Sensor Kit ($20 x2) - these are sold in four packs

And unlike the Xiaomi Aqara you won’t have to wait like a month or two for it to ship from China. I have been using since it came out and it’s been rock solid, now have them on every door and window at my place. The sensors update immediately, the range is fantastic, the battery life is great, literally perfect imo.


Wow. I had no idea you could get Wyze to work without the camera. One of my clients is sold on the Wyze system. He has already preordered the lock.

In terms of range, since I don’t believe they form a mesh or link, what is the exact range? My server Linux VM) is on one corner of my house, and I have a few doors on the kiddy corner side of my house. I haven’t looked at Wyze at all for range. This sounds intriguing. And i could easily get my family to purchase this for Christmas.


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Yeah, their website states that it requires the Wyze camera, which is true if you want to set it up and use it with their official app. However for the Home Assistant integration you simply plug into the USB port of your Raspberry Pi or computer running Home Assistant - no camera required.

Here is a good video from digiblur’s channel showing exactly how it works.

I’m not the best person to ask about range since I live in an apartment building and not a large house, though from all the posts I’ve seen here and on reddit everyone was impressed with the range.

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I’m pretty happy with the Aqara door sensors - I have 5, one of which I “fashioned” into a doorbell. I have them connected to a Conbee II because I also have the Cube, and the Aqara hub doesn’t give you full functionality (although I also have the hub, which now only gets used as a doorbell).

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I am getting around 110 feet range with the Wyze Sense Door Sensors. My linux machine hosting Home Assistant/Wyze Bridge is centrally located in my house. I have a door sensor on my mailbox approx. 110 feet away and is traveling through a cabinet, 2 interior walls and 1 exterior wall to reach the bridge. I do miss the occasional alert when my mail carrier’s car is between the house and the mailbox. Otherwise, It works every time.

I also have another door sensor connected to a shed door. It is about about 100 feet away in the opposite direction. This sensor is traveling through a cabinet, 3 interior walls and 1 exterior wall. All alerts for this sensor have been captured by the bridge.

I currently have these contacts sensors on 9 exterior doors, 5 windows, a shed door, an oil tank, a mailbox and a doorbell.


+1 on Wyze sensors. Using them since more than 2 months now and works wonderfully. I don’t own a wyze cam so have plugged the USB dongle in RPi and using the HA Wyze sense component. $20 for 4 contact sensors is a steal. At this price it broadcasts both on & off states + battery & rssi range, pretty amazing.

I have almost stopped using my old 433 MHz generic contact sensors + sonoff RF bridge. Not to mention they only had one trigger of open and no trigger for close. Wyze has a great range. Much much better than these 433 MHz sensors. I have located RPi at the center of my home and the farthest two sensors are at almost 100 feet away (multiple brick walls in a way). HA reports around -80dbm rssi for them and they always work. And they are incredibly tiny too :slight_smile:.

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Thanks everyone. I think I’m sold with using Wyze sensors and the dongle plugged directly into my server.

Have a great holiday season.

Using the Wyze sensors with the ‘custom component’ is about as easy and effective a sensor as I’ve ever used. Props to @kevinvincent for the component & @digiblur for the video. This are an extremely cost effective solution, now all we need is some development genius to work out how to control the newly released Wyze lock and I’ll be in heaven :innocent:

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Hi anyone know if you can get Wyze door sensors in the uk or aliexpress a quick search did not bring them up, are the branded with another names?

I just wanted to say thanks again. I have 4 of my 6 sensors working. The one on the garage fridge is going to be a life saver. I have it situated so that even if it is 1cm not closed it is alerting me it is open. Perfect!

Agree these are easy and cheap, BUT there are reliability issues that have not been resolved (integration freezes requiring restart of computer, sensors dying when battery gets too low). It is a custom integration no longer supported, and Wyze does not appear to be interested in supporting them in this application. I’m having to seek other options with about 25 installed sensors. Too bad, I loved em…

Sonoff SNZB-04 Zigbee sensors seem to be inexpensive and have good battery life, unlike the more expensive and battery-eating SmartThings multipurpose sensors. They only have one binary open/close sensor and battery sensor though. If you don’t have a Zigbee USB dongle, get the CC2531 dongle which is also inexpensive.

Thanks, I’ll give em a try. Appear to be a little larger than Wyze but probably small enough. The older Sonoff DW1s I used for a while are still working with original battery. They were huge. Left them in for some redundancy. Understand Wyze will release new sensor design this year Wonder if they will try to accomodate the HA community or snub us? Glad there are other options

I too am bummed out about Wyze. Of my 8 I had, only 5 are working as of this post. So people are using Sonoff over Aqara? I just want small and cheap. :slight_smile:

I ended up buying a Sonoff RF Bridge, flashing it with Tasmoto, and trying the GS-WDS07. They certainly are large. I miss the small size of the Wyze.

That’s also my setup. I like the bigger battery. According to the review below the AAA cell should last about 2 years. I have lots of button lithium powered devices around that house that need regular battery replacement, so happy to have such long a battery life.

These door sensors have different codes for opening, closing and also tamper. The tamper sensing is just a connection being closed so you can use this for anything. Very inexpensive from Aliexpress.

That is indeed a very good solution, but unfortunately Wyze products are not available in Europe as far as I know.

I’ve just purchased some of these models from eBay (YiSi GS-WDS07) and they do indeed send separate and unique open and closed codes.

It uses the F115 Tx, whish is a 6pin package with Vmax = 5V or 7.2V … stdby current is 1 uA, and Tx is 20 mA

uC is an STC 15W105 8pin , 2.5V-5.5V, standby current is proably 1uA or similar but the datasheet is huge so I didn’t spot it.

Voltage regulator is W2.TF which supplies 3V3 and which probably stomachs upto 5.5Vin … my tests show that it seems to work from approx 0.8Vin upto 4.5Vin but not tested beyond this. By eye, regulation appeared poor above approx 2-3V.
I’m running mine off a 3.7V LTC D cell which should last for a long time.

I wasn’t able to measure the quiescent current, because my multimeter resolution isn’t good enough, but I would suggest <<10 uA. The Tx current was about 27 mA but I removed the LED to improve things.

The unit contains a short normal mode helix as an antenna whose feed layout easily lends itself to modification, fitting (for example) and SMA on a pigtail and using sleeve dipole so that the range is improved (or even a Yagi: my sensor’s for outdoor use).