Recommended energy monitoring outlets

Can anyone recommend a Z-Wave Outlet (or similar) that is reliable/works?

I purchased a Minoston MP31ZP a few weeks ago, and have had nothing but issues.
For example, it floods the Z-Wave network with updates on energy usage, ignoring the reporting frequency setting, in favor of ‘wattage difference’ as its metric.
Equally, after some extensive diagnostics with a zwavejs2mqtt maintainer, it was worked out that it identifies as a M21ZP as Minoston are using the 21 firmware on the 31’s for some reason.

Needless to say, I want to just swap it out with something better.

My situation is that whilst i plan to do per-circuit monitoring at the main breaker, two rooms in particular share the same circuit, and i want a better breakdown of energy usage thats in them by monitoring at the plug. I’m not too worried whether its an in-wall z-wave plug, an outlet that sits on the plug socket itself like the MP31ZP, or something else, so as long as i can monitor the usage in Watts & kWh, and pass that info to HA, im fine.

Any suggestions?