RECONFIGURE entries are multiplying

HELP !! LOL every time I restart HA I get three or so more of these. And I’m missing the new device I did add.

On the Integrations screen in HA I see three more of the the same thing added each time I restart.
After the first two showed up I unplugged the device so ESPhome shouldn’t even see it.

This bulb has been in the system for a long time. The one thing I did do is update to the last ESPhome. v2022.5.1 ESPhome

Any Ideas ?


hehe :slight_smile:

SO… When adding the new device and installing it with the legacy flasher, missing the fact a api: encription key was added by default from the new device code generator. All of these random RECONFIGURE entries showed up.
By unplugging the new device and cycling HA the entries were gone. Plugging the new device in again these bulb reconfigures would show up again.
I just noticed the extra encryption key entry under api: and deleted that re-flashed the device. Then no new entries were found… No problem, just entered the new devices IP in the add integration button and that problem is gone. :sweat: