Reconfiguring the energy dashboard

Maybe I’m missing something but…

Once the Energy Dashboard has been configured there isn’t a user-friendly way to reconfigure it. It seems you have to delete the energy file and start over. This isn’t good.

I think there should be a way to reconfigure this so that you can, for example:

Add a new energy monitoring device;
Change a tariff;
Add or remove an energy supply;

Just a thought

All of that can be done in this logical location:

Settings > Dashboards > Energy


I actually just found myself stumbling around looking for how to change setting for the energy dashboard, I hadn’t had to change anything in about a year.
Other dashboards have the vertical ellipsis hiding the Edit Dashboard command. Shouldn’t the Energy Dashboard have the vertical ellipsis hiding a “Setup Energy Dashboard” link to the current Energy Dashboard Setup screen?


Thanks @tom_l , I thought I was missing something

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