Recover deleted sonoff entity

Hi. I have a problem that I cannot solve. I am using this AlexxIT / SonoffLAN integration.
I mistakenly deleted a sonoff device and I can’t find a way to recover it. Go to the .storage folder and find the core.entity_registry file and the entity to delete does not appear there. Someone who happened to him could tell me how to recover this entity. Thank you very much

Can you try adding it again?

Can you try adding it again?

I am also facing same issue. I tried adding again but not sure method to add it? I did removed and added the .yaml. I can see the client is connected in mqtt logs as well.

but device is not reflecting in integration or device list.

Hi there. I don’t remember how I solved it

I am having the same issue!, how did anyone solve this?

Sonoff device added using AlexxIt integration

Hi. You have to click on add integration and it will ask you for the IP of your device. You need the device to be connected to your Wi-Fi network

for a Sonoff device added via alexxIt integration?

Yes friend

So how? how do you add it, with the esphome you add the Sonoff original firmware devices???

I can’t.

You have two ways to flash. One with tastmota and the other with esphome firmware. In any of the two you lose the original firmware. In my case I had everything with the tasmota firmware and I changed it to esphome since now esphome is from Home Assistant. The difference in response speed is very large.

I dont want to flash it, I just want to recover the Sonoff to my home assistant with its own orignial firmware, I already have a bunch of other es-home devices that I know how to operate, but I want to recover a Sonoff with its own original firmware.,

Hola Pablo, tengo muchos dispositivos con ESPHome pero este dispositivo no es uno de ellos ,no quiero flashearlo, quiero recuperarlo y usarlo y verlo en home assistant con la integración de alexit sin tener que flashear, lo tenia ya asi funcionando pero lo borre por error y lo quiero recuperar.

I think that is not possible.