Referencing other pages within home-assistant

If someone could point me in the right direction.

I’m running home-assistant in a docker container, and accessing it via reverse proxy using the Letsencrypt docker container. (https://(subdomainname).(dyndnsservice).com)

I’d like to add various internal services, such as Pihole, Grafana, etc via iFrames - but without exposing these services directly to the internet - if I add an iframe and point it to , e,g pihole at http://10.0.02/admin.

I get either a blank page, externally (https), or resource not found internally (http) when clicking on the link in the sidebar.

if you are using, you can add these services as add-ons and access them with ingress. Pi-hole and grafana is available as add-on and ingress is possible for them.

On the iFrame documentation page is a Warning at the top that you cannot access http sites if you are accessing Home Assistant over HTTPS, maybe this could be your problem.

Is VPN not an option for you for external access?

It doesn’t work on either http or https… internally, I can access HA using http and the local IP address.

VPN isn’t really an option as the ports are blocked on various networks I use.

Are these services on different VLANs? Can you access the services from the machine running home assistant?

I don’t really understand. If you VPN into your network in the same network as your home assistant machine is, then you should be able to do this, shouldn’t you?

All the services are on the same machine, running in individual docker containers on an Ubuntu server.

I can access them all using the server IP address and relevant port directly, but not once referenced in Home-assistant, using SSL or not.

e.g. if I go to for Pihole on my laptop - it works.

If I reference the above URL in an iframe in HA - it doesn’t work. (both with and without SSL).

RE: VPN - I mean, once I leave the home, the various networks I use (cellular, work, client sites, etc) have the VPN ports blocked, so I can’t VPN back home.

Can you access PiHole etc. if you use a weblink in home assistant?

Ah I understand the VPN issue now, sorry was a bit confused.