Regarding RF receivers and

I’m mulling getting some sexy light switches that have an rf interface for remote control and master/slave pairing. Have considered sonoff enabling switches but am not comfortable with the electrical safety of those products. However, I have literally no experience of rf and how best to integrate it…

I’m aware of rf to ip converters and that is my preferred approach to capturing these signals. Can I ask, is that regarded as best practice with What assumptions are available rf add-ons based on? That is, do they assume direct capture and manipulation of rf at the controller etc?

Also, is there any consensus on good hardware to use to capturing these rf signals? Note, that I live in UK if that’s a factor…

Sorry for the neophyte questions. Just trying to get traction to understand the best direction to take :slight_smile:


Hi, I use Broadlink RM2 PRO


Hello @dave!

Please stay away from RF lights/switches relays.

I had all my lights wired with cheap 433 RF relays controlled by a BroadLink RM Pro and had nothing but trouble. You can make them work by creating lights and switches that has on and off commands but the main problem is that you don’t get the current state and confirmation that the command was received by the relay receiver.

I had all of them removed and replaced by Sonoffs, the cheapest WiFi relay available at the moment.

This is just my opinion based on my own experience.

Yes I’ve heard bad things about the broadlink. Also I like to keep my communication paths as simple as possible within given constraints, like using 433Mhz as the control channel.
It strikes me that I’d need an rf to ip converter which embeds, or can be made to embed an MQTT client. Does such a thing exist"