Regenerate harmony_REMOTENAME.conf file

Hi Everyone!

I just added new device for my Harmony Hub and I want to integrate it to HA.

Harmony_REMOTENAME.conf file is not automatically updated.

Dou you have file update process to regenerate the file?

Thanks in advance!

You can just remove it (maybe keep a backup or just rename the file)
Restart HASS and a new one will be generated.

Thanks for yor quick response, it was so easy, it worked!!! :slight_smile:

However only the new activity appeared in the file, Sonoff devices wich are used in harmony hub via emulated hue still hidden.

Any idea?

They’re not actually ‘devices’ as far as Harmony is concerned and if they’re created in HA why wouldn’t you just control it directly?

Yeah, basically this is what I would do! MQTT server is already up and running, SONOFF devices are flashed with SONOFF-TASMOTA firmware, so I can send MQTT messages to the devices.


The whole way Harmony handles home automation systems is a bodge, they’re effectively a completely separate system running in tandem with most of the Harmony functionality removed.

You can’t do simple things like add a light switch to the onscreen buttons for an activity or even rearrange the onscreen buttons under the Hue ‘device’.

Most of these can be worked around though but the one that does my head in is you can’t forget discovered ‘lights’ which wouldn’t be so much of a problem if they hadn’t made the idiot decision to make the menu selection to see the individual ‘lights’ double up as an all off function. As I have activity swapping set up in HA so I can use them with Alexa and in automations, if you catch the all off function the whole system goes beserk turning devices on and off as it works it’s way through every activity. I have solved it partially by removing all but those I want from the HA config, rediscovering everything on the Harmony and then putting them back in HA but a simple ‘forget’ button like everything else has would be much more useful each time you add new ones or change things about.

At the end of the day though it does all work and the hoops you have to jump through actually make it more satisfying when you get it to behave as you want, bit like Home Assistant :slight_smile: