Regex yet again

Hey all. You have helped with previous regex questions and I have been playing but I am not going so well with this one.

AU: 0.7301 USD = 1 AUD 2022-03-03 RBA 4.00 pm Eastern Australian time

I need to get the 0.7301 (it may be shorter I guess at some stage) but basically I need the value between the AU: and the USD . I keep finding multiple sets of decimals. Can someone point me in the right direction?


This matches the first decimal after ‘AU:(blank)’

Thank you. I will also go and have a play on a regex test page

If i understand you correctly you want to isolate the value after AU but before USD. $substring Can isolate that number using a change node and $substring(payload, 4, 6) The first number is the spaces forward, the last is how many spaces after.


Until the day the exchange rate is 0.7.

AU: 0.7 USD = 1 AUD 2022-03-03 RBA 4.00

means you will get 0.7 US

If it does report less than 4 digits at times, the string node’s between function will work.

Thanks everyone. I am liking regex a lot. Just getting my head around it hurts sometimes :slight_smile: