Register callbacks for device updates

Hey everybody,

I´m struggling with the registration of callbacks for updates a device has pending.

Look at the following case:
Device sends events over Serial
My library recieves it and processes them
I want to process the updated values in HA (if a callback is registered), meaning my device triggers an action or update in HA

How can i do this? There is virtually zero documentation for local_push and the other integrations are no help for me either. Can someone maybe give me a hint? :sleepy:


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I’m following this link, hoping that someone will answer.
I’m a beginner with python, and I also find that documentation is missing.
I believe that the “demo” integration should be commented and integrated with a real case.
I’m also trying to develop a integration for I/O modules connectable by serial interface (RS485), but it’s really difficult with HA even if I have already written it for Domoticz.
Thanks for any answer…

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