Regular reboot with Odroid N2+ running Home Assistant OS 10.2

I just got a new Odroid N2+ to replace my old pine64 board (original model).

It came with 64GB eMMC, pre-installed with Home Assistant OS 10.2.

Now the box reboots regularly, about once an hour. Now it reboots very quickly so it’s not too disruptive, but it’s very annoying nonetheless.

In the logs I see:

[    0.000000] OF: fdt: Reserved memory: failed to reserve memory for node 'secmon@5000000': base 0x0000000005000000, size 3 MiB

and I see that this is an error that would end up causing a crash. and this patch is is armbian, but that was fixed quite a while ago, around kernel 5.11.

Anyone having similar issues with their odroid n2+ and HassOS 10.2 ?