Regulate the power of electrical radiator

Hi all,

I am wondering, if anybody has ever made an interface to an electrical radiator, e.g. like this one from Purmo.

I have a solution in place, where my HA steers the heaters in the rooms per Generic thermostat. This system ist convenient, since all users can individually steer their room and make individual schedules.

But, in this concept, the radiotors can have only the status ON or OFF. I cannot regulate the power of the radiator, e.g. to 10%, 50% or 100% of its maximaum power.

Has anybody some hints, about a solution to regulate the power of electrical radiator?

Hi! We just got simiar Purmo radiators installed. The Tempco Touch E3 touch control panel is not currently available, so I was also curious if there is a way to integrate the radiators directly with HA? Would be very interested to know more about how you have it setup now?