'Reload' when using packages


To my mind packages are at the same time one of the best things about HA and one of the worst.

They are just brilliant at being able to, err, package up a whole set of functionality and drop it in and out of your setup. They also are the only way I can see to make your setup maintainable and manageable. I really think they should be highlighted to new people much more strongly - I speak from experience :slight_smile:

They are just awful though in that you cannot use any of the ‘Reload’ options. I am using hassio on a Pi and I am now up to over 90 seconds every time I want to test a change. It doesn’t sound like much but when you are writing something complex, that’s a lot of waiting…

PLEASE, if it is possible, make it so that ‘Reload’ works with packages.

Packages and automations (am I doing something wrong?)
Reload Groups from packages

For me it’s almost 10-15 min before everything starts up again after a restart. I’m moving the automations over to node-red just because it’s so much easier to debug…


I would also like to see this done. I spent the better part of the day converting over my scripts, groups & automations to Packages. Everything worked perfectly… Then I wanted to modify one of my automation… Pain in the butt, every time I want to test it have to reload HA!

Glad I backed up before converting because I’m going back to no packages until they get this fixed.


Much as I agree with your disappointment, I would never go back to not using packages. The benefits are huge. Whole sections of functionality can be dropped in and out at will. All my functional sections are pretty much self contained.


Same here, would like to have this to.


Desperately need this functionality, a necessity for larger integrations!


Maybe an additional “reload packages” button in addition to “reload core”, “reload groups”, etc?


Voting for a “reload packages” option also.
I am running HASSIO in a Virtual machine, but restarts sometimes cause Z-Wave to fail, requiring an additional restart to get Z-Wave working again.
On top of that, Z-Wave takes between 5 and 10 minutes to get up and running properly on my system.

Would be great to just do a reload and avoid these issues.


As others have said, packages looks brilliant (about to switch to them), but my zwave takes forever to come back up and occasionally fails and requires another restart. I cross my fingers every time I restart HA…