Relocate zwave repeater without repairing

Hi all, using zwavejs in HA. I have a repeater now in a somewhat unlogic crowded area (was not crowded before when place repeater) with multiple mains powered devices. Now I want to relocate the repeater to the edge of my network since a battery operated device misses status updates frequently.

What is the best approach to relocate it?

Will it automatically “heal”?
Repair on new location?

It has been a long time since ive played with it since zwavejs is now pretty stable :crossed_fingers:

Relocate and wait patiently. It can take a day until the network is adapted to the new position.
It does happen automatically.

But ensure, that the repeater is not very close to the battery operated device. It will then also have troubles getting low level signal. Place it half way between the populated area and the battery operated device, so there is still something to get repeated.

Thanks for that, I thought that auto heal was not part of zwavejs anymore

What I do is.

A) after relocating the repeater. Heal that one node, that operation should only take a couple of seconds
B) heal the battery powered node, this will occur when it wakes up

Just please avoid healing the whole network with one click. That is a very intensive task and takes a long time, making the whole mesh unresponsive during the execution. It should not be needed for this move.