Remote access HA

I’m switching from domoticz to home assistant and so far I love the system. It can connect with a lot of stuff although I find it very complicated to write scripts. I’m trying to remote access the system without any luck. I forwarded port 8123 to the internal IP homebassistant but it is not working. In domiticz I forward 8080 and it works.

You need to also connect on that port number.
Like http://<external IP>:8123

Nabu Casa cloud also permits remote access, I believe.

How, do you have a fixed IP? Are you using https? VPN? Nabu Casa? Aside from a fixed IP, you’ll need a service to get you to your machine from the internet.

That’s correct but it is 5 euro per month which I do not prefer

I have a fixed IP from my ISP and I also have working domain name from synology which I use every day and works. I tried VPN which worked with my domoticz but not with HA. I tried https and http. So a VPN or fixed IP with domain name is not enough?

It should work. But it’s hard to say what is wrong

Did you verify that the port is open with a port checking tool? Does the domain require https? If so you’ll need to add the certificate info to the http portion of config.yaml. You can also set a new default port in http.

E. There is also the external ip on the general page in settings. It would be the domain:port or fixedip:port

Thanks for the support. It works now. Apparently the raspi was also connected with WiFi to the main router and got an ip from the main router and not from the cable connected router. Really strange but it works for now. Continuing with other issues to solve like making dummy switches for in Apple home kit. Running a script every minute and sending messages with telegram. If anyone knows a good tutorial please let me know.