Remote access help needed (can’t use port forwarding of 443->443)

I have been using HAOS for close to a year now (and love it). For remote access I setup duckdns and nginx and followed the port forwarding instructions (external port 443->internal port 443).

Unfortunately my router (Linksys) blocked local access to the admin portal off http and any attempt to visit locally runs into error messages. Linksys helped me confirm when I turn off the HAOS port forwarding for 443 it works fine, and recommended I not do that.

Sooooo the question is: is there any other way for me to configure HAOS so I can still access remotely via [friendlyname] Maybe forwarding a different port? (I know how to change the port forwarding on the router but unclear what I need to do with HAOS, duckdns, or nginx…)

I’d describe myself as a newbie with networking setups so apologies if this is a basic question, but I’m not sure how to approach. Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to use almost any port you want.
You just have to state the port in the urls then like


So if I wanted to change my port to 4443 would the steps be:

  1. Change port forwarding rule on router to “external port 4443 to internal port 443”
  2. In the mobile app under Settings and Network change the external Internet address to

And if I ever want to access from a web browser while away from my house I just type in that address with the external port?

Don’t need to make any changes to duckdns or nginx or other stuff?

Thanks for your help!!!

correct :slight_smile:

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Thanks I’ll give it a try! :slight_smile: