Remote access to add-ons through panel_iframe

Hey Community :slight_smile: ,

I have set up Home Assistant using Docker containers and now I want to access my instance remotely. In the past, (I’ve used supervised) I could easily enable this through the Cloudflared add-on in the supervised version, and all my add-ons (like Node-RED, etc.) were accessible remotely through the Home Assistant user interface. However, with the container setup, it’s proving to be a bit more challenging…

Now, I have set up the Nginx Proxy Manager and configured my tunnel in Cloudflared. However, I’m getting the error message

“Unable to load iframes that load websites over http:// if Home Assistant is served over https://”

when I try to load a panel_iframe through the remote URL. I’ve been stuck at this point for two days now.

One solution would be to expose the local IP address through the tunnel. This would make Node-RED accessible normally through the browser, but I would prefer not to do that. I also don’t want to enable an additional login in Node-RED (Or the other addons). I’ve already read all the posts about the panel_iframe problem but I was not able to get it working.

Does someone have any suggestions on how I can get remote access to the registered panel_iframes (add-ons) without having to expose them individually? Perhaps with Nginx Proxy Manger running a reverse proxy locally to get ssl (if that is possible?)


 title: Node-RED
 icon: mdi:lan
 url: http://my-server-ip:1880

Thank you in advance for your help!