Remote_rpi_gpio not working for motion sensor

i have a simple motion sensor on my rpi 3. it works fine to turn the smart mirror monitor on when there is motion. i would like HA to use this as a binary sensor so HA can turn a zwave light. the motion sensor in on GPIO 4, pin 7 on the rpi3.
in my config yaml i have:

  - platform: remote_rpi_gpio
      7: LR mirror

the sensor stays off in HA as seen here. even though on the rpi3, the sensor works fine when it detects motion.

im 95% sure server gpio is running on the rpi3. i followed this guide 4. Configuring Remote GPIO — GPIO Zero 1.6.2 Documentation
and these are the commands i used:
sudo apt install pigpio

sudo raspi-config
interface option
remote gpio option enable

sudo systemctl enable pigpiod