Remote_rpi_gpio triggers relay during startup

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I haven’t found anyone with quite the same issue.

I’ve got a garage door relay attached to my Raspberry PI. Lots of people have reported that during a reboot of their PI the GPIO pin is cycled which triggers the relay. I don’t have that problem as I’ve picked a GPIO pin that defaults to low during startup.

The problem I have is that during a restart of my other Raspberry PI that’s running, when the remote_rpi_gpio integration is started it appears to be setting the selected GPIO pin to high, at least temporarily, and is therefore activating the garage door relay.

I haven’t been able to resolve this by either trying different GPIO pins or using the ‘invert_logic’ option. As long as the integration starts, the GPIO pin is triggered and the door opens.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so have you found a fix?