Remote start car and open garage lots of help needed

Hi All,

I’m really struggling to find the right way to set up this automation and would love some assistance/guidance.

I have a Hyundai Sonata with remote start (Hyundai Blue link) which only functions through an app (iOS or android) or the myhyundai website. I have also recently purchased a Garadget and am trying to set up an automation so that I can open the garage door and start the car.

I have contacted Hyundai but their heads exploded when I tried to ask if there is an API or developer support for the remote start functions.

This is what I’m thinking… let me know what you think (I am still trying to layout the structure before worrying about the yaml bits)

Automation : Remote start car and open garage
trigger: amazon echo (I think through Haaska)
Condition: I am home and the garage is closed
action: open garage door and start car

I cannot figure out how to trigger the remote start. here are some things I’ve come up with but I’m not sure if they are even possible.
:: Some how have home assistant send the command to amazon as if it was an echo but with a script so no human interaction is required
:: somehow create a script that will mimic loading the myhundai webpage > log into webpage > complete remote start form > submit
:: Use Tasker (but I don’t own any android devices and am worried about the likely hood that this option will break)

As an alternative I could react to remote start of the car instead of automating it…
:: Is it possible to listen for an SMS or an apple push notification?
:: As a last case option I have considered using an imap sensor to listen for an email notification that my remote start is successful and then open the garage - this has the downside of being significantly (~5min) delayed and I would like to not fill my garage with exhaust.

I know that is a lot and any help would be so much appreciated.

The easiest way would be make a series of cURL commands to the website. But there is still an issue that if the website would change, it would no longer function.

Use Inspect Element on Google Chrome to see the how the website works.
Hope this helps.