Remote UI vs manual reverse proxy


I currently use Home Assistant with a manually configured reverse proxy (with dynamic DNS, Let’s Encrypt certificate, etc) configured on a Google Cloud VM.

I am curious about the Remote UI part of Nabu Case. I would like to use it even if I am comfortable to manage my own solution. The reason why is mostly to simplify my infrastructure to manage (no more cloud VM, domain name, update to the OS, etc).

However, before doing the switch, I am to know what are the main disadvantages of the Remote UI? What I won’t be able to do with it that I would currently be able to do with a manual reverse proxy? Things like Tasker on Android, web widget on Android, etc? Would I be able to make them work and talk to the Remote UI like I would be able with a reverse proxy?


Additional information, I am already paying the subscription for Nabu Casa for Google Home integration so it is not an additional cost here.

Sounds like it’s worth trying out especially since you’re paying for it.

When I made the switch I had to set up HTML5 notifications again, and I assume I need to keep the Remote UI online all the time to continue receiving these.

I don’t know about Android but the situation is probably similar. As long as you don’t automate the availability of Remote UI things should continue to work.