Remotely accessing HomeKit works for a few minutes after a server restart - then everything goes to 'no response'

I’m slightly pulling my hair out - it works nicely when I’m onsite.

When I’m away then everything shows as ‘no response’. My homehub is the Apple HomePod - that doesn’t show as ‘no response’ but everything else that is tied into Home Assistant works for a few minutes after a server restart and then goes to ‘no response’.

There are no errors in the log related to HomeBridge etc (only errors are related to a roku device which is currently offline)… Any thoughts?

I have exactly the same problem. Any update on a possible solution?

Rather frustratingly mine seems to have resolved itself. My HomePod is behaving itself and it’s worked consistently now for the last week - without anything being changed. Wish I could give a better answer…

Mine also seems to be more reliable lately… my homehub is an iPad which I recently updated to iOS 14 so I don’t know if that’s the reason mine has improved… but either way, I’ll take it!