Remotsy best use with HA ?


After being busy for a while I’m back on working on IR (Infrared) control of my TV and few devices at home that have only IR control unhappy. I had bought one year ago the Remotsy device for that task as it looked really nice and neat and contact with developer were good :wink:
So now my challenge is this one to work with it (and perhaps other options I didn’t think about too…):

  • Use existing cloud system to load in Remotsy the remote I’m interested in and then use the API through REST requests from HA to trigger IR commands. API documentation found here but will have to investigate how fields indicated have to be populated ! Looks easy to do both for downloading an IR library in it and trigger codes as needed (REST requests should be possible from HA I guess, just need to find how to do that !) but no real link with device (as MQTT) so no way to know from HA if device is dead, offline, or well alive !

  • Reload an ESP firmware such as Tasmosta or esphomeyaml with IR libs (Remotsy can do both capture and send IR codes). Advantage: MQTT connection with HA but have to handle all the boring steps to capture IR codes (which is neardy impossible for discret codes for example, as it looks that IR libs for ESP are not able to use the “classical” RC5 codes) to be able to blast them later !

Some advices, tips, anything about this ?



@jorgecis (inventor of Remotsy :wink:

No one on this ? Thanks