Remove armed night and armed home from HomeKit/Google assistant

Hello, is it possible to remove armed night and armed home from HomeKit Home app as well as from the google assistant? I need only two states: armed away, disarmed. This is possible in alarm panel card but I couldn’t find any way to config it with 3rd party integrations.


Left, current Home Assistant alarm integration in HomeKit. it shows 4 states.
Right, Aqara hub in HomeKit, it shows only 2 states (off and arm away) which I want to config HA to looks like this.

Google Assistant
When I asked google assistant to turn on an alarm system, it will asked me back which alarm level do I want to set which is a bit annoying.

It’d be great if I can remove unused alarm state from 3rd party integrations.

You have to add a separate template. See here

I am also looking for a solution here. I didn’t get any further with the template. Have you been able to solve that in the meantime?

Has anyone figured this out? I have a useless Night mode that does nothing

I’d also love to know how to get rid of the ‘Night’ setting on the alarm. I’d like Home, Away and Off.

Did you try the template control panel, @maxmacstn?

EDIT: I tried template control panel and it works just as @jonast said it would.

Are you guys looking like this?

I’ve been using the template solution for a long time now with “Arm”, “Disarm” and “Home”, and it has been working great, but with the iOS 17 update the “Night” options have reappeared in the Home app. Is this just a bug with iOS 17?

Yeah same here, would like to remove night

Same with me, with ios 17 the other options are back, not sure how to remove them.

Seems to be fixed, don’t know if it was fixed in a HA update, or if iOS 17.1 fixed it