Remove armed night and armed home from HomeKit/Google assistant

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Hello, is it possible to remove armed night and armed home from HomeKit Home app as well as from the google assistant? I need only two states: armed away, disarmed. This is possible in alarm panel card but I couldn’t find any way to config it with 3rd party integrations.


Left, current Home Assistant alarm integration in HomeKit. it shows 4 states.
Right, Aqara hub in HomeKit, it shows only 2 states (off and arm away) which I want to config HA to looks like this.

Google Assistant
When I asked google assistant to turn on an alarm system, it will asked me back which alarm level do I want to set which is a bit annoying.

It’d be great if I can remove unused alarm state from 3rd party integrations.

You have to add a separate template. See here