Remove item from Shopping List?

How can I remove an item from the Shopping List integration?

There are services to add, complete, and incomplete items, but nothing about removing items that are either complete or incomplete.

The Shopping List UI has a clear All option which does remove checked items. It would be nice to expose this as a service. And also allow for clearing individual items as well.

Why would I want to remove something? Some items may be added by accident. Some items I may no longer want on the list without making them as completed, etc…

EDIT: It would also be helpful to have a service to get all the items on the shopping list (complete/incomplete) and/or expose the list as an entity that has the items in the list stored as an attribute.

Right upper corner above the completed items there is a 3 stripes button. That one will delete the selected items.

Thanks for the info. I did see the clear button in the UI for completed items. But I’d like to be able to do this with a script/automation.


I’ve implemented a service to clear-completed-items of the shopping-list. The PR was approved/completed today. So the functionality should be available soon.

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Can you share a link to the PR?

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