Remove mosquitto


The service has already been started automatically. Running it again manually will cause that error, as it will use the same port.


It’s OK, but what is the different version?
Otherwise it works, just I’m intrested.


The package in the raspbian repository is 1.4.10. It hasn’t been updated to the latest mosquitto version of 1.5.3


With this mosquitto can I edit the /etc/mosquito? I would like to use it with TLS.
And is this the embedded or not? In config.yaml can I use mqtt: or mqtt: embedded:?


That is the location of the default mosquitto configuration file. How you set up mosquitto is entirely up to you.

No. The embedded broker is embedded within HomeAssistant. No other program has to be installed to use the embedded broker.

You must specify the address of the broker in HA to use this broker

   broker: localhost


Thanks for the help to everybody