Removing Let's Encrypt

I would like to remove Let’s Encrypt from my Home Assistant install - I want to use NGINX instead. Not quite sure exactly the best way to remove - I believe that I followed the YouTube video from BRUH Automation when I originally set it up.

Does anyone have any experience removing?



It depends on whether you’re using HassIO or not, but in general, just commenting out the 2 SSL lines from the http: section should be all you need.


Thank you - that was easy!!

I’ve only just started looking at Home Assistant and have installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 B. I’ve installed the configurator and the motionEye addons but I have the same certfile error.
I’ve used Configurator to view the configuration.yaml file but there is no http: section in the file. Which file should I be looking at?

It’s in configuration.yaml, you may have to create it as explained here.