Remplace temperature mesure of an external sensor intead of the internal AC - in a climate card

Hi everyone,

I have a measurement difference between the temperature sensor integrated into the air conditioning and an external zigbee temperature sensor (which in my opinion is much more reliable). So I’m looking for a way to replace the temperature display of my climate card with the temperature value taken by my second zigbee sensor. Is this possible in your opinion?

Knowing that my air conditioning is an EAS ELECTRIC brand and the relationship between AC and Home assistant is made using an ESPhome wifi dongle from

In conclusion, i would like to be able to remplace the value 2 by the value 1 in this picture :

Any idea? Im a bit lost…. Please help

Use another card, e.g. there is one in hacs… fineemb/lovelace-thermostat-card: Thermostat Lovelace card (

Hi Trevee, Sorry to Pickup an old post, but im looking for EAS Electric A/C information, have 2 of them and would like to use the Midea Component in Esphome but without success, could you please share where you get the information that EAS Electic is supported by Midea ?

Hi Viaxlv, just because of the app Midea App and smartlife app are similar and the login id / pwd are the same, so I deduce thant it was compatible… it’s the case anyway