Rename Entities by Integration

Hi there,

Is there a way to rename entities according to it’s main integration? I have several integrations on my HA setup, like Sonos, Smartthings, Alexa, Z-Wave and Zigbee, etc etc.

I would like, for example, that everything coming from Smartthings to have the prefix smartthings added to the device/entity, like, or

Is that possible somehow?

You can not use extra dots, but hyphens or underscores should be possible.
You can rename most entities under the entities tab.
If you have not renamed an entity under the entities tab, then it might follow its device name, if it is linked to such one and renaming that should give you an option to also automatically rename all entities under that device.

I believe i didn’t explain correctly what i wanted, my bad. I know how to rename entities, devices, etc.

What i wanted to ask was if there is someway to rename multiple entities coming from a specific integration, like we do in customization for domains (light, switch, etc) or entities with masks.

So, every sensor from, let’s say, Hue, would be named sensor.hue.place1, for instance…

As i have multiple sources for all kind of devices, if would be nicer if i could do this, easier to understand and maintain.

You can only do that by include it in the sensor name.