"rename" or alias device from SmartThings (can't rename in smartthings)

Half of the devices I added to my Smartthings hub were added using an email address I can no longer access. Smartthings support says “so sad, too bad”.

Home Assistant won’t let me rename it because it’s from an integration. I just want to repurpose a smart plug. Is there a way I can create an alias for it? Searched but did not see. As a last resort, I can create a group in 'Alexa" to control it with my preferred name, but it’s making me twitch seeing the old name in the Overview.

I don’t use this particular integration but all other integrations that use discovery that I have tried allow me to edit entity_ids in the Configuration / Entities menu. Did you try there?

I did try that, thanks. it’s greyed out. However, I also discovered that the switch is also part of a SmartThings routine -which I am also unable to edit. so I can’t use it (unless I want my 3D printer turning off at random times - nope). I’ll try factory resetting it and pairing it with my z-stick.