Reolink E1 Zoom Siren

Reolink integration has been working flawlessly for over a dozen cameras, however I’m now trying to set up an Alarm system and would like to use the E1 Zoom built in siren. It plays just fine using the Reolink APP, however i can’t seem to trigger it via homeassistant.

The Siren switch appears correctly on device page, but this is the error I get when i try to toggle it:

Failed to call service siren/turn_on. cmd 'AudioAlarmPlay': API returned error code 1, response code -9/not support

This happens for every reolink camera, even for the doorbell.
Firmware: v3.0.0.1107_22070508
Hardware: IPC_515BSD6
HA: 2023.08
HAOS 10.3


Could you go the IP adress of the E1 Zoom in a web browser and try out the siren form the web browser, does it work there or does it also give errors?

In that way I can determine if this is a firmware bug or something else.

I noticed the same problem, using a E1 Zoom:
“firmVer” : “v3.0.0.1107_22070508”,
“frameworkVer” : 1,
“hardVer” : “IPC_515SD6”,
“model” : “E1 Zoom”

Within the App I can switch the siren on and off.
But not within Home Assistant.

But it seems to be the firmware.
Using Postman I sent a POST request to the ip:

POST http://{{camera_ip}}/api.cgi?cmd=AudioAlarmPlay&token={{reolink-token}}
The response was:
        "cmd": "Unknown",
        "code": 1,
        "error": {
            "detail": "not support",
            "rspCode": -9

The App uses a diffrent protocol, you could check with the webserver by going to the IP of the E1 Zoom in a web browser. That uses the same protocol as HomeAssistant.

But It looks to be a firware issue.
In that case, contact Reolink support and ask them to fix it in the firmware and release a new firmware:

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I already contacted the Reolink support about that issue.
Here the answer:

Dear Frank,

We confirmed with our engineer that since the camera is with the hardware version IPC_51X, it supports the Siren feature itself but can not be operated via the API command.
Sincerely sorry for that.

Any further help is needed, feel free to let us know.

Well that is a “helpfull” answer from support…
I guess the answer schould be:

Yes I need further help: please fix the firmware issue and upload a new firmware version. In the mean time do you perhaps have some beta firmware I can test that has this firmware bug fixed?

@Neelixx unfortunately this also means I can not help with this issue, since the problem is not in the HomeAssistant code.