Reolink WIfi Doorbell and Blue Iris

Has anyone successfully integrated the new Reolink Wifi Doorbell with Blue Iris? I have it integrated with the Reolink integration in Home Assistant and it works great. However, I use BI to send human detection alerts to my phone where I can see the snapshot and/or live video.

I have the camera installed in BI but I get constant disconnects. It will randomly disconnect and then 45 seconds to a minute later, it reconnects. I have read to disable RTSP keep alive and up the watchdog timeout. None of it works. I have the latest firmware.

Just wondering if maybe I have a bad device or not. About to pull what hair I have left out :slight_smile:


I just read somewhere that this doorbell works best using RTMP (rather than RTSP) with Blue Iris. I’ve also read that Reolink have beta firmware which fixes the RTSP issues. Not sure if either helps, but might be worth a try,

I was thinking of buying this doorbell but it doesn’t support existing wired chimes, which is a bit of a deal-breaker for me as we have a large house and a VERY loud existing chime in the hallway. I currently use an EZLink video doorbell which disconnects very frequently so I’m looking for a more reliable alternative.