Repeately GUI crashes

Hello Everyone.

I started using home assistant 2 weeks ago. configured a few devices, and looking very interesting.
I’ve installed the home assistant OS on a RPI3. Only addons i’ve installed is duckdns and Studio Code Server.

Now i ran into an issue; like every other day, the GUI becomes unreachable. to be more clear; I can ping the local IP address, but cannot reach it in my browser anymore, not via duckdns, not via the local IP.

This happens, in my opinion, completely random. without me changing something. this morning i woke up, and couldn’t reach it anymore, while it was working last night.

Good thing is, i can solve the issue by unplugging the powersupply, and plug it back in. than in a few minutes HA is back online.

I found the logbook under settings, but problem is that everything that is shown there is since the last power up…

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? or how i can look further back in the logbook?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a deteriorating SD card (or SSD). Unplugging will not help if that is the case.

Thanks for your response. I’ve had this issue like 5 or 6 times already. and everytime i was able to restore it by just power off and power on the rpi again…

If your SD card is dying, then switching off and on will just make it worse.

Do a backup and store it off the SD card.

I have a backup on my laptop already.
I’ve used a brandnew class 10 SD card, but anyway, i can try to clone it to another SD card see if that helps.

Pull the sd card out. Put it in your every day computer and fsck the sd sard.

I don’t have access to an linux system, so cant do the fsck command. So i tried chkdsk under windows. unfortunately that didn’t work, i got an message that the sd card contained raw data, and becauseof that chkdsk didn’t work.

any other idea’s?

Run a linux live system from a usb stick.

Double check your power supply too. If you have a good quality 2.4A 5V supply (a Samsung or Apple genuine 12W charger) try that.

If you already have a genuine rPi power supply or at least a good one - then yes it may be your SD card.

That is a good point.

I just got a new SD card, so i will try if that solves it. The power supply is a decent one. but if the new SD card also fails, i will swap that as well, i have a spare one laying around here.

thanks for the replies!

unfortunate the new SD card did not solve it… After two days without problems, the gui just disappears. it was working, and i was just looking into some sensor values, and i hit refresh and i becomes unreachable.

Also i noticed something. The raspberry is connected via USB with the power meter of my home. Every second a green light lits up on the usb converter when HA reads the values. when the gui was crashed, the green light stopped blinking, which might indicate that HA is not running anymore…

Anyway, i swapped the power supply to a decent 5.1V 3A, which was running the raspberry pi 4 of my 3d printer without any problems. Will see if that makes anything better for HA, or that my 3d printer starts crashig now :wink:

Bad news here… Even another power supply did not solve the problem…

But i found this post on github; exactly descriping my problem, found the same messages in my log.

Hopefully someone has an solution there!

There is a solution there, did it work?

I’ve swapped the pi3 to an pi4 with 8gb ram. Adding the extra RAM solved the problem for me.

thanks all for helping

Shame you didn’t try the suggested fix.

You mean the core rebuild, supervisor repair? I’ve tried that, without succes.

Thanks for finally reporting back