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Replace iRule/OnControls remote system



Im looking for some advice on a new remote system.
I have used Philips Pronto (EOL), RTI (to expensive for me), ELAN (not my cup of tea), Demopad (to little integration) and iRule/OnControls (bought out by Kramer to use tech and kill product)

Will HA work for me? I was a Pronto user but the product is not dead and has been for a good few years.
I then moved on to iRule that was bought out by OnControls, then bought out again by Kramer.
iRule/OnControls worked perfect for us until they stopped the system updates for newer iDevices.

I started to add more app controlled devices to our property and now have a real mix of product and finding me and the wife app jumping to just use the TV or to listen to music in a room.

I have …


  1. LG TV Controlled via iTach
  2. PC running Kodi
  3. Heating (Warmup)
  4. Main light (Homeeasy 433Mhz dimmer)


  1. Logitech Squeezebox Touch
  2. Power amp (always on but would be good to switch, NAD 906)
  3. Amazon Alexa


  1. Squeezebox (squeezelite on a pi)
  2. Cheap amp (Homeeasy 433Mhz socket switch on it)
  3. The extractor fan/shower pump (Sonoff switch)

Master bedroom:

  1. LG TV controlled via iTach
  2. MXQ box running libreelec (Kodi)
  3. Denon amp iTach controlled
  4. Squeezebox (squeezelite on a pi)
  5. Main light (Homeeasy 433Mhz dimmer)
  6. Heating (Sonoff)

Bedroom 2

  1. PC running Kodi with monitor
  2. Amp (another channel on the NAD 906)
  3. Main light (Homeeasy 433Mhz dimmer)
  4. Heating (Sonoff)

House Devices:

  1. Hotwater (Sonoff)
  2. Dehumidifier (Sonoff)
  3. Arduino (IP 2 RF) Homemade

I am also running Unifi network so adding this would be great so the system can sense no one is home and put all the heating on low and switch anything left switched on to off.

Will HA would for my needs?



Bump, Has no one got any help for a first timer ?
I dont want to buy a pi and find this cant help me.


Nearly a month and no replys, Wow …
Maybe I’ve asked to much at once.
A few basic questions what someone should be able to answer:

  1. Can HA be used as a smart remote system (with macros)?

  2. Can HA work with:

  • A: Kodi.
  • B: Warmup.
  • C: Logitech SB.
  • D: Amazon Alexa.
  • E: Sonoff.
  • F: iTach.
  • G: Home made telnet device.