Repurpose switches within groups/zones

Hi, long-time user of HA here. I’m fairly proficient with configuring HA to how I like but I’m up against a brick-wall of thought here on how to achieve the following…
I have a number of Hue plug switches that over the course of the year are used around the house. During the Christmas period, I tend to move my switches from plug-in fans and instead use them to control our Christmas lights.
I’m looking for a way to easily (drop-down box choice?) change the purpose of a switch, so that it updates HA accordingly as to 1) which zone the switch is now in, 2) what group/light group the switch now belongs to
The main driver for this is the fact that whenever I implement this change every year, I end up having to adjust a lot of my automations to account for the fact that the switch has now moved location and/or purpose

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated - even a process/workflow of how to get this done would be great as I’ve got a total mental block on this!!