Request: Allow "Area" to be specified in the "Customize" Menu

With the integrations menu being the only way to update the area for a device currently, there are a majority of things that can’t be associated with an area. There are tons of ways an entity can be added into home assistant without being an integration that can be associated with an area. I’d really like to be able to have “area” be something I can specify in the “Customize” menu.


I’ve tried a new install and it’s a mess. Most devices need to be manually set up and added to groups so I have to disable the auto-UI and wonder what happened to those things the onboarding wizard set up for me.

It’s a shame that nobody can utilise Areas or the auto-generated UI they enable until all platforms are supported as Integrations. As this will understandably take some time, allowing entities to be manually added to areas would allow people to use them.

I have the exact same problem. I like to use the area as a hint for Google assistant but can’t set it for 2 light entities.

These entities are based on the Light Switch component.
No way right now to give it an area. I have to manually put it into a room in the Google Home app.

I have the same issue!
Hope to be fixed in the future

Anyone know of any effort to bring this in? Would be IMO a necessary feature for a 1.0 release.