Request for Help to create an Automation

I’m a novice could someone please help me create an automation to turn on water pump socket named switch.socket_waterpump every 7 days run for 5 minutes and then turn it back off after 5 minutes and repeat the cycle for the next 60 days or until stopped.

use a time trigger to set the time you want the pump to start every day.

then set as a condition to be the day of the week that you want to run the pump.

And then create an input_boolean that you can turn off if you don’t want the automation to run and set that state of the input boolean as a condition as well.

then set the action to turn on the switch.

after a 5 minute delay switch the pump back off…

it won’t stop after 60 days per se but you can turn off the input boolean as a condition to block the automation from running the actions whenever you want.

It was hard for me to even think of even a single logic because of my mental health but I needed it urgently for going on a vacation that’s why I posted for help with it in the forums. At the same time as I posted this here I also asked for help on the official Discord server and Tinkerer helped me there.

Thanks for your inputs I’ll surely take a look at them when I can.

To be honest I didn’t know the syntax for the condition, ‘day of the week’ and ‘delay’ etc. My present anxieties made it even worse hence hopped in for help.