Request help with automation with Plex, HDR on JVC projector

I have an older JVC projector that does not switch modes automatically when fed a HDR signal.

Current setup
I have two projector profiles setup and can trigger each one from HA via the JVCProjector custom component. - This work well!

My media player is an Nvidia Shield TV running Plex.

Proposed solution?
Since I have been unable to find any kind of data state that would identify “HDR” content…

My thought is to:

  1. create a playlist in Plex that has all the HDR movies
  2. export that as a text file
  3. setup a HA automation that is triggered by plex’s “playing” title and match it to the list of known HDR titles
  4. if there is a match, send the JVCProjector command to switch viewing mode to HDR settings

Is there a better way to accomplish this? Obviously, the playlist->file->automation will have to be updated each time a new HDR movie is added to plex.

Can you get the bit rate from plex?

I dont know of a way to get bitrate, but even so, Im not sure that would help since bitrate doesnt tell you anything about HDR.

It would have given you a lower bound to at least make a guess.