Request to have freebox home service sensors in HA

The new freebox (v7) has an alarm and sensors with their own protocol.

It will be great if HA could monitored these sensors.

The API is in REST but the doc is only accessible via the freebox. An extract can be done by a user freebox.

I would love if the Freebox integration could support “natively” the API for the freebox alarm system and its sensors.
For the moment i use a workaround by installing the Freebox HomeBridge Virtual Machine on the Freebox Delta and then interfacing this VM to HomeAssistant with the HomeKit integration but it is far from perfect as only the alarm state is actually working
With this method the sensors actually do not work (except one) since the other sensors are seen as duplicates of the first one.

How can we help on this topic ? I have a Freebox Delta with Somfy RTS and IO shutters and an the alarm pack.

Please, feel free to contribute to the lib :

and to the related component in HA !

Thanks @SNoof85 but I am a little lost, I already find this repot but I don’t know how I can do with it in HA. Open for a call ?

Find this no How To but I think just replace file ?

The situation is quite complex here. The lib in use in HA is not really this one.
It was before handeld by a good guy called stillman. But he had no time to develop more on this. Then the hacf (Home Assistant Communauté Francophone) took the ownership of that lib. Some more implementations have been done related to the “home API” of the Freebox but not yet released. Then not already available in home assistant.

What should be done :

  • Test the freebox-api lib against the Freebox
  • Release a new pypi version of the lib
  • Bump the lib version in HA
  • Develop the platforms needed in HA Freebox component

I think @Quentame and @oncleben31 could give more informations on how to help them on this.

I was in the dev of the lib but as I have no more freebox at home, i won’t really dig into this :smiley:

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My custom component is outdated now. Don’t use this.

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@Quentame and @oncleben31 , how I can test and How I can help ?

The new Python package was in deep rework end on 2020. Quentame is not available currently.
I can make an official release but I don’t have a freebox to test and validate.

If any of you have a Freebox and some basics in Python. You can go to the GitHub repository to download, test it unitary or start working in implementing in Home Assistant core

We can support any volunteers in French on the HACF network.

Great I will try, super merci.

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